How To Make A Secret Drawer Lock For $3

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There are many ingenious ways for you to prevent people from snooping or looking in areas you might not want. One place that is often used to keep personal effects is a nightstand. If you want a basic lock for the top drawer, then a simple method is available. You can easily make a secret drawer lock to use on any type of suitable nightstand for about three dollars.

One important detail about this project is the type of nightstand. This secret drawer lock can only work if your nightstand is made of wood. The reason is you will be using a power drill. All the parts that you need for this project can be found at a home improvement store or most hardware stores. You might find some other materials may work better for your secret drawer lock.

This task is something that needs to be done with care. If you make a mistake, then you risk ruining the secret drawer lock for the nightstand. This means you may need to make repairs before trying again. This is also a task that will require a few special tools. In addition to a power drill, you need a hacksaw or other cutting tool. If you do not have any tools, then see if you can borrow any from a family member or friend. 

You might want to add this type of secret drawer lock to any desk or other piece of furniture with drawers that are wood. The key to this project is the placement of the pin. Make sure you double check where the pin is located with the steps in the directions.

Once finished, your secret drawer lock should work flawlessly. Instructions to make a secret drawer lock are found over at here…

How To Make A Secret Drawer Lock For $3

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