How To Make A Pallet Bench

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Pallets are items that often are discarded when they are no longer usable. However, there are many ways to use pallets for a DIY project. One option is to make a basic pallet bench that can be set up at a residential home or at any other area. You can easily complete this project in a few hours.

Many homeowners with a deck or patio may not want to spend money on expensive furniture. Making a pallet bench is an inexpensive option for a piece of furniture. This is a great idea, too, if you need to add extra seating for a fire pit or garden area. You typically can find pallets at a thrift shop and even from a local company for free or at a cheap cost.

You will need to use a few basic tools to build a pallet bunch for your own use. This includes a regular saw and a crowbar. However, a hammer with a claw on one end also works. Pallets have a lot of small nails you do not want to cut with a saw. Make sure to remove these nails before you start a pallet bench project.

Nails can also be used to secure the pieces of a pallet bench. However, screws will be the best option for this project as the bench will be more secure. There are many ways to customize a bench made using a regular pallet. This includes adding legs and even armrests for a unique item.

Certain types of pallets are not designed to be used because they have been treated with chemicals. You need to make sure your pallets have not been treated. Another detail to consider is staining or painting the wood. This is necessary if you want to use a pallet bench as a new piece of furniture.

Instructions to make your own pallet bench are found on here…

How To Make A Pallet Bench

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