How To Make Onion Pudding

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People with a backyard garden have the option to grow various plants and vegetables. One option used for flavoring foods and is a frequent ingredient in meals is the onion. You have the choice of growing a variety of onions that include white, red, and yellow. White onions are the usually the most common and they often will have the sweetest flavor. This means they can be used to make a tasty homemade onion pudding.

Many people may not know exactly what onion pudding is supposed to be. This is similar to soup as it has a smooth center and crisply edges. You can make this as a side dish that can easily complement the tastiest of meals. Onion pudding can be paired with any type of veggie or meat dish or even a salad.

Making your own homemade onion pudding is an excellent way to use up onions when you have an abundance from your garden. The recipe is easy to make too, and perfect to take along to potlucks. The pudding will keep in a basic refrigerator longer than most other types of prepared foods.

If you want to make your own onion pudding, then a list of ingredients will be required. You might not have everything that is necessary, but a quick trip to the store will solve this problem. Baking will need to be done in a glass or similar dish and the final product will provide you with about eight slices.

A recipe and directions for making onion pudding can be found on here…

How To Make Onion Pudding

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