How To Make Moss Graffiti

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Street art comes in many forms and the newest trend is an eco-friendly graffiti. One of the best options is to create graffiti art using moss. Moss graffiti is an environmentally-friendly way to create a simple work of art without using spray paints that contain toxic chemicals. There are many creative designs you can make by using moss as an artistic medium.

You will be surprised at the results that can be achieved when making moss graffiti. The moss needs to be applied using a brush and can adhere to brick, rocks, and most types of walls. Art can easily be made with stencils or freehand to display your artistic expressions.

People who are not savvy at creating art can easily make moss graffiti art. This includes creating words or various shapes that have a special meaning. Once you get started, your creativity can take over to produce any type of artistic design. You will have to discover if applying moss graffiti in your chosen public place is permitted, as it is forbidden in many areas. However, this art form is a great way to create pieces at your own home.

Making moss graffiti at home is an easy process. The main thing to remember is to rinse out the moss to remove any dirt and debris. Your moss will also need to be fully dry. A blender will be used to blend the moss to make the graffiti. The blender that is meant for mixing smoothies or drinks may not be the best option for this project. You are going to want to choose a blender that you can dedicate to the project so that you won’t be mixing materials.

Cheap blenders can be found at many retail stores or on the Internet. When the mixture from your blender is ready to use you’ll need to be able to put it in a suitable container. Any old bucket will make the perfect container for your moss graffiti. The final item you’ll need to make some moss graffiti art is a basic paintbrush.

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How To Make Moss Graffiti

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