How To Make Hot Glue Matches

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Do you make a lot of craft projects that require the use of hot glue? A glue gun is often used to apply a small amount of hot glue to secure fabric or other material. However, you might want a way to use hot glue that is portable. One option that may be perfect is to make some hot glue matches.

The idea behind hot glue matches is that you are adding a small amount of hot glue to a match that will melt once the match is lit. One important thing to keep in mind is you need to use wood matches. Paper or cardboard matches will not work for this project. Wood matches will burn longer.

You simply need a small box of matches, one hot glue stick and a candle for this project. The box that the matches came will be used when your hot glue matches have fully cooled.

Instructions to make your own hot glue matches are on here…

How To Make Hot Glue Matches

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