How To Make Homemade Half And Half

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People who drink coffee have many options other than drinking it black. There are those who often like to add a healthy dose of cream, milk, or half and half. If you do not want to purchase half and half from a grocery store, then we’ve got you covered with a recipe for homemade half and half.

Making your own homemade half and half is not a difficult process. This can be done in many ways to achieve the results that are desired. One option is to use the fresh milk from a cow. Another option is to purchase whole milk and heavy cream from your local grocery store. The best option is to find sources of organic products to make homemade half and half.

Making homemade half and half is a better option than buying store-bought. Products from a grocery store will use the same type of milk and cream that is mass produced. This means you may find a brand of milk from cows that have been genetically treated, and antibiotics often are added. The best option is to find milk from a cow that has been provided organic feed. Your homemade half and half will have more nutrients than the products available on store shelves.

You can easily make homemade half and half to use for your coffee or for any other purpose. Like all fresh milk, you half and half will need to be refrigerated. It’s also best store in a glass container. However, you can use any container that is available to keep your half and half fresh.

A simple recipe for homemade half and half is found on here…

How To Make Homemade Half And Half

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