How To Make High Protein Cricket Flour Cookies (aka “Chirp” Cookies)

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Many people often do not get the right amount of nutrition each day. Some might take various vitamins and supplements while others may drink a smoothie. Protein is an important nutrient which is found in meat, eggs, nuts, and even insects. Crickets are one insect that are becoming more known for their protein and nutrition. Crickets are sourced, dried, and ground up into a flour used for baking. A few companies are now selling protein bars made with cricket flour. Also, you now can purchase cricket flour to make your own bars, cookies, breads, and more.

If you want to make a nutritious and high-protein snack or dessert at home, then a batch of cricket flour cookies is a great option. All the ingredients needed for these cookies are found at a local grocery store except for the cricket flour which can be purchased online. Currently, few stores carry cricket flour, but as the nutrition and recipes becomes more known then this will change and cricket flour will be more accessible to everyone. 

Baking cricket flour cookies is just like making any other type of cookies. For this particular recipe, all the ingredients used for the cookies are all-natural and contain no processed ingredients. You can bake these cookies to have as a snack or to use as a gift for a special day. All you need is less than one-half and hour or less to bake a batch of cookies. You will need a regular cookie sheet and access to an oven to bake cricket flour cookies. A tin or any other type of container can be used to store the cookies once they have cooled.

Ready to make a fresh bath of “Chirp” cookies? The recipe and instructions to make cricket flour cookies are found on here…

How To Make High Protein Cricket Flour Cookies (aka “Chirp” Cookies)

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