How To Make Ghee

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In Asian cultures, ghee has been held in high esteem for its wonderful uses for centuries. It is used for both cooking and religious ceremonies and one of the reasons for its popularity is that it is incredibly good for your health and body. With so many lifestyle-related diseases nowadays, eating healthy is obviously on top of your physicians’ recommendations. Fortunately, ghee will fall under the list of the healthy foods that the doctor would recommend. Cooking with ghee instead of the industrial oils will contribute significantly to a healthier diet.

Besides its health benefits, ghee has a high smoking point which means that it is easier to use in cooking and you will not require as much of it in your meals. All said and done there are truly only two catches when it comes to using ghee: the price and availability. The price of buying readymade ghee can be quite impactful considering the current economic crunch and the investment you still have to make in other important foodstuffs. But, there is no need to worry! We’ve found a great recipe that will allow you to make your own ghee at home. When you look at premade ghee, don’t be fooled by the fancy packaging that makes ghee look like one of those industrially processed items that require a lot of skills and sophisticated machinery. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth since you most likely have everything you need to make ghee currently in your home.

A pound of unsalted organic butter (more or less depending on the amount of ghee you want to make) and a hard bottom pan are the most important items you will require and in slightly under half an hour you will have your ghee. The process is quite simple and primarily involves heating and straining to obtain a delicious, versatile final product.

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How To Make Ghee

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