Make Furniture From Upcycled Cardboard

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Although the summer season is a popular time to purchase basic furniture, other seasons have a need for it, too. It’s always important to keep all the options that are available for you in mind. For example, many people may choose to buy cheap furniture for outdoor use when they find it on sale. However, there is another option when it comes to furniture. It can also be made by using cardboard and duct tape! With this intriguing tutorial, you can learn to make furniture (a table and a set of chairs) that only weigh a few pounds.

Specific designs can be used to make furniture that is easy to put together or take apart. This is a beneficial option when material needs to be laid flat to be stored. The materials for the project can be found at home or acquired from various sources. The most important supply is the hard and durable cardboard that will make the basis for your furniture project. You have the option to use single-wall corrugated cardboard or any other type. However, keep in mind, that if the cardboard you use is not strong enough, then the final product may not be usable. The supplies are simple and the tools are easy to find: a utility knife or box cutter, scissors, tape measure, a ruler or straight edge, and felt marker.

Another factor to consider when creating cardboard furniture is that the project is ideal days that are not too humid. Fortunately, once the cardboard furniture is constructed, it is durable, versatile, and can be painted any color you like (or choose a design that will match the variety of color options you have for duct tape).

Assembling the cardboard furniture is done by making notches and folds in specific areas. Weight will not be an issue when the proper furniture design is used. The reason is there are supports that are added for stability and to disperse weight to prevent collapse. You can also add a number to all your pieces to easily assemble the furniture when it has been taken apart.

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Make Furniture From Upcycled Cardboard

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