How To Make Fermented Rosehip Soda

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When fall approaches, it becomes the perfect season for picking those very tasty, zesty and nutritionally equipped little hips of the rose plant, better known as rose hips. Now, we all can appreciate a rose hip for what it is worth. It is a great tool for treating colds, flu, vitamin c deficiency, stomach disorders, kidney disorders, high cholesterol, weight loss; the list goes on and on. However, not only does it provide great nutritional values that allow it to treat various ailments, it is very tasty too. Rose hips are used in teas, jam, syrup, breads, wine, and soup and can be used for making soda, which we will explore in greater detail with information from an extremely useful tutorial we found that addresses how to make a tasty fermented rosehip soda.

Fall is the time when rose hips are picked. This is when the last roses have bloomed and the succulent rose hips have completely developed. These apple-like fruits (safe to say since they are cousins of apples), can be used in many of the same ways that apples can since they are considered a part of the apple family. This fact is probably why the two fruits are often combined in jams, sauces, and butters.

When you create your rose hip soda from scratch, you want to make sure that your rose hips have not lost any of their taste and zestiness, as this will affect the taste and zest of the finished rose hip soda product. It is critical that proper harvesting of your rose hips are put into effect and that rose hips have gone through the proper growth stages. Adhering to such standards will allow your rose hips to grow as it is intended and achieve its full flavor potential and make the best rose hip soda possible.

Fermented rosehip soda is very easy to make and uses only a handful of ingredients and just a few supplies to make it work. The handy tutorial discusses each item clearly and will walk you through how to make the best rosehip soda imaginable.

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How To Make Fermented Rosehip Soda

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