Make Emergency Fuel – Bucket Biodiesel

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Make Emergency Fuel – Bucket Biodiesel

Have you heard of the benefits of using biodiesel and are curious about making your own? This is easy to do, based on the method you want to use. One thing you need to realize about biodiesel, is you have a few options that are available like making your own bucket biodiesel using filtered cooking oil.

The big difference between bucket biodiesel and filtered cooking oil is the use of chemicals. Glycerin is a compound that is created when separating biodiesel from cooking oil. Removing glycerin is necessary to produce pure biodiesel that can be used in any vehicle with a diesel motor.

One secret most people do not know is you do not need to remove glycerin to use filtered cooking oil as bio diesel. The main reason to create bucket biodiesel is the fuel will not gel up when it gets cold like filtered cooking oil. This may be beneficial depending on where you live.

Instructions to make glycerin-free bucket biodiesel are on here…

Make Emergency Fuel – Bucket Biodiesel

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