How To Make A DIY Duck Call

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Knowing how to call ducks is crucial for those who like to hunt and have an interest in nature. Many of the duck calls that are available are pricey based on sound quality and materials that are used. One method to save money is to make your own duck call. A basic DIY duck call can be made with materials that are easy to obtain.

The main thing to realize about a DIY duck call is getting the right sound. This is crucial as you want a duck call that is as accurate sounding as possible. Trial and error may be necessary before you have the sound that will produce the desired results. 

Wood dowels can be used to make a DIY duck call. Dowels are the best option as they come in various diameters and already have a round shape. You may not know that a duck call is similar to the different types of wind instruments that have a reed. This means a reed is needed for your DIY duck call. A good reed for you to use can be plastic or another material that will produce the best sound.

A few basic tools will be needed to make a DIY duck call. The most important is a drill or drill press to hollow the center of the dowels. A saw also will be needed to cut the dowels to the correct length. Your wood will need to be sanded smooth to produce the best quality sound and overall finished design.

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How To Make A DIY Duck Call

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