How To Make Cold Frames From Recycled Materials

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Extending the use of a residential garden can be done in many ways. The best option is to use devices that are called cold frames. These devices can extend the growing season of a garden from three seasons to the entire year to have food available. Once you see the results that are provided by cold frames, then you will want to know how they can be made at home.

Cold frames can easily be purchased, but will generally be expensive. This means some other solution will be necessary. One option is to build cold frames from recycled materials.

A basic cold frame is a simple box structure that has a top that is clear or translucent. The goal of a basic cold frame is to offer protection from the weather and to trap solar energy. In essence these are similar to greenhouses, but on a much smaller scale. A simple box needs to be constructed from wood or some other material that can be formed into the shape of a rectangle. One option is to dig a shallow hole in your yard, cover the bottom with a compost material, and place a cold frame over the top. This will offer an individual the means to grow various vegetables throughout the winter.

Another option for a cold frame is to use old windows. The unit can be placed beside a house or garage for shelter from the wind. This is a great option if you or a family member has old windows that are being kept in a garage or barn. If windows are not available, then another material that may be used to construct cold frames is bricks or pavers. One thing to keep in mind is a cover to place over the top of the frame. The best option is to use a polycarbonate sheet.

You can have cold frames as a permanent device or built to be portable. Building cold frames from recycled materials will require the proper set of instructions which you can find in this informative tutorial we found to address the project.

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How To Make Cold Frames From Recycled Materials

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