How To Make Butterbeer

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Fans of the Harry Potter franchise are often familiar with the real world products that can be found at a variety of establishments. This ranges from the theme parks to the retail outlets. One of the favorite beverages that came out of the Harry Potter stories is delicious butterbeer. This drink has a distinct flavor and can easily be made at home.

The main aspect about butterbeer is that is alcohol free. This beverage is a lot like root beer as it is essentially a cream soda. The drink has a whipped cream topping that will make it seem like you having a dessert. If you want to make butterbeer at home, then a few different recipes that can be used. You will see a drink is just like a typical cream soda.

One of the best aspects of butterbeer is that you can serve it standard or frozen. If you decide to freeze your beverage treat, then additional equipment will be needed. This includes a cold (or frosty) mug or another suitable container. You may want to consider a foam cup if glass mugs are not the best option.

There is a nifty little trick to serving butterbeer. Make sure to leave some space for adding a bit of crème. This may seem like you are not offering a full glass, but once the bubbles from the soda mix with the crème, then the topping will begin to inflate.

The type of soda you use will affect the flavor or your butterbeer. This means you may want to offer an assortment based on specific demand or preference. Vanilla cream soda is the most common option while orange cream soda offers another delicious and distinct flavor. If you want to show a bit of magic, add a straw to the poured drink and watch what happens.

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How To Make Butterbeer

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