How To Make Bread In The Slow Cooker

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Cooking bread at home usually requires the use of an oven or expensive bread maker. However, you might be surprised that bread can also be made by using a slow cooker. One aspect about baking bread in a slow cooker is not using your oven on a hot summer day.

A slow cooker is generally referred to as a crock pot. Many people use these devices to prepare various types of foods. If you are skeptical about baking bread in the slow cooker, then a few trials will usually result in a fantastic result.

Slow cookers often have temperatures that vary. This can be attributed to the type of heating element and the type of material for the casing. The high setting will typically be around 200 degrees. This temperature is also the internal temperature for a fully baked loaf of bread. The main concern about baking bread in the slow cooker is making sure that the bread is baked through completely. However, there is no need to set the dough aside to rise as it will rise and bake when in your slow cooker.

The baking time for bread in a slow cooker will also vary. This means that a few attempts might be needed to get the best result. The average baking time is typically about two hours in a 6-quart slow cooker. You will see different results based on the type of bread. Make sure you check the bread in half hour intervals after the first hour of baking. The internal temperature is what you will be checking to assess that the bread is thoroughly baked.

Do not expect the exact same results when baking bread in a slow cooker compared to the result from a standard oven. However, breads baked in a slow cooker will generally have a soft crust, which can be a great outcome for certain types of breads. If you want to offset the softer crush, you can always use your broiler to create a crisp crust.

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How To Make Bread In The Slow Cooker

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