How To Make Black Licorice From Scratch

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Black licorice is a polarizing snack that ardent supporters defend because of its rich, dark flavor. Made with several different forms of sugar (granulated sugar, dark corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, and molasses), there is a strong sweet flavor at the base of the candy. However, when you add anise to the mix, the blending with molasses will bring out the familiar sharpness of black licorice. One of the nicer things about this recipe to make black licorice is that it walks you through creating the basic recipe while noting that if you want to increase the black licorice flavor, you can use blackstrap molasses instead of regular baking molasses to heighten the rich, dark flavor. Either way, it will be a distinctive treat for those that love this particular flavor.

Find out how to create homemade black licorice and enjoy the unique flavor loved by many at here…

How To Make Black Licorice From Scratch

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