How To Make A Barrel Speaker

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Unique objects offer a great way to make functional pieces of equipment. If you find a small barrel that is made of wood, then you can build your own barrel speaker. Small barrels often can be found at many flea markets or at local garage sales. However, you also will need all the electronic pieces that are necessary to build an amplified speaker.

The barrel that you use for this project might have a specific design. This can include rings and a variety of other elements. You will need to determine where you want to place all the components needed for a barrel speaker to work correctly. If you do not have the parts needed for this project, then you can find them in a variety of places.

Certain pieces can be scavenged from old electronic equipment. You can also find parts to make a basic barrel speaker online. Another option is to look at a local electronics store in your area. You are going to need the right tools to complete this project. A power drill that has suitable attachments is needed to prepare the body of your barrel speaker.

If you do not have the tools that are required, then the best option to go is a hardware store or any home improvement store. The electronic components of your barrel speaker need to be mounted on the inside of the barrel. Screws will be needed to secure the electronic parts to the barrel. You may want to test out the speaker first to make sure it works.

You have many options concerning the finishing touches for your barrel speaker. The wood can have a stain or paint and a grill can be added to cover the speaker. The options you choose will be based on an individual need or particular preference.

Instructions to build a custom barrel speaker are found on here…

How To Make A Barrel Speaker

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