Make A DIY Chicken Water Heater In 4 Minutes And For $4

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Do you live in an area where the temperatures may dip below freezing during the winter? One thing you may need to do when this occurs is to thaw the water that is for your chickens. Thawing water can take a lot of time unless you have a DIY chicken water heater available.

The key to making a simple chicken water heater is using electricity wisely. You can easily use a heater to keep the water from freezing, but a simpler solution is available. All you need to do to prevent water from freezing is to use raise the temperature a few degrees.

A standard light bulb is all you need to make a chicken water heater. The goal is to direct the heat from the light bulb to the underside of a bucket to help prevent the water from freezing. One thing that you might want to have handy is an extension cord.

Instructions to make your own chicken water heater are available on here…

Make A DIY Chicken Water Heater In 4 Minutes And For $4

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