Make A Bed Frame Veggie Garden

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Do you have an old bed frame that you are thinking of scrapping or putting out on the curb? You have a lot of ways to use an old bed frame around your home. This item will be perfect to make your own bed frame veggie garden.

You can add a bed frame veggie garden to your home as a decorative element or any other reason. This is a great way to add a new element to your landscape and to reuse items that might otherwise be scrap material. All you need to do is decide where the frame will be located.

One thing to keep in mind about a bed frame veggie garden is the whole frame is not needed. The main parts you need are the headboard and the footboard. These can typically be found at thrift stores or at a garage sale if you don’t have one on hand. Then, you just need to look at the types of veggies you can grow.

Information about making a bed frame veggie garden is available on here…

Make A Bed Frame Veggie Garden

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