Make A Backyard Chicken Coop From Free Pallets

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As food prices continues to rise, so is the desire to grow one’s own produce. Along with the upswing in gardening, families are opting also to include backyard chickens for their eggs and as a meat resource.  It’s not surprising that more and more prefab chicken coops are hitting the market. Some of them are pretty fancy and some of them are fairly expensive. Of course, some are mediocre in appearance at best, but fully functional for a flock or brood of chickens.

There are still many, however, who opt to design and build their own chicken coops by repurposing old materials into new chicken homes. One of our favorites is the chicken coop made from a recycled trampoline.

We found a new favorite to add to our list. It’s a chicken coop that Judy and her husband built from recycling pallet wood used to transport vinyl siding. The end result of their new chicken house is a more traditional looking building. Using the pallet wood that they were able to get for free saved them over $1000 in material cost.

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