Lumber Storage Rack Made From Scrap

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The use of scrap lumber to make a storage rack for scrap lumber is a great way to reuse material that is taking up space. A garage or workshop can easily get cluttered by scrap wood which might be piled on a table or in a corner. If this is a problem, then you may want to build a lumber storage rack to make sure your shop or garage is clean and organized.

A simple lumber storage rack can even be multi-purpose by adding a bench area. This means you can use part of your storage rack for a table or a work area. There are many design elements for a simple rack that you can include. This means researching the options that are available. Creativity is a plus if a unique design is desired for a lumber storage rack.

Finding suitable material for this project should not be a problem. However, you may need to cut some of the pieces based on the size that is needed. Another important detail is the tools that will be necessary to assemble the lumber storage rack you are building. The best option is to use secure the pieces by using a power drill.

You may want to sort the scrap wood that is available before starting the project. The pieces of wood to use may vary in type and dimensions. You might need to use various pieces in different areas to have the result for a custom lumber storage rack that is desired.

The base of the lumber storage rack is essentially a frame. This means you need to build a frame that is stable and has the necessary support. Another design aspect you may want to consider is sanding for an application of paint or stain. If function is more important than looks, then this is not necessary.

Instructions to build a scrap wood storage rack are found on here…

Lumber Storage Rack Made From Scrap

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