Lemongrass: How To Grow It And Use It

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Many types of plants are found in different types of climates. This is the reason many people who may want to grow particular herbs and spices use a greenhouse or pot plants indoors. One interesting plant that is an ideal supplement for many foods is lemongrass. A slight spicy lemon flavor can add a boost of flavor to a smoothie or to a favorite side dish.

You can really smell the aroma of lemongrass when it is chopped up. One interesting aspect is you can grow a new plant when a stalk is placed in water. Once the plant begins to sprout roots, then it needs to be placed in a pot with suitable soil. This can be regular potting soil or even compost. If you happen to move and cannot take the lemongrass with you, then regrowing new plants won’t be that hard.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is get your first plant established. Once this has been done, then you will have a good supply of lemongrass to use for any occasion. Fortunately, caring for this plant is similar to various types of plants that are grown indoors. You will get the best results when you keep it in sunlight and water frequently. This plant is naturally propagating and this means that new stalks of lemongrass will continue to grow and can be continuously replanted.

If you plan to cook with lemongrass, then make sure to use only the white core. However, you can use the leaves to make a basic lemon-flavored tea. Just make sure to chop or grate the plant if you plan to add it as a supplement. If you want to cook with lemongrass, a muslin bag would be the best tool to extract the lemon flavor. All you need to do is place the bag in the water when cooking rice and then remove it when done.

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Lemongrass: How To Grow It And Use It

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