Learn Suturing Techniques For Emergencies

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Activities that are done far from any civilization often mean various survival skills are needed when an emergency occurs. This includes knowing how to treat wounds that result from accidents. If a wound requires stitches, then knowing some basic suturing techniques will be crucial.

The most important thing to know about suturing techniques is suturing is not the same as stitching that is done with cloth or fabric. Suturing is done to ensure a wound is sealed and is able to heal. The use of a needle and suturing thread is a crucial skill to grasp when studying techniques that are available.

Medical professionals are trained to suture wounds to minimize scarring. However, emergency suturing done by a person without medical training should not concentrate on scarring. A basic knowledge of the best suturing techniques to get the job done is all that should be needed.

There are many ways to seal wounds based on the type of injury and the medical supplies available. If you need to treat a cut that is not too deep, then surgical glue might be a good option. However, a deep cut in the skin may need to have stitches. This means using basic suturing techniques to successfully seal the wound.

Knowing suturing techniques will not be enough if you do not have the proper medical supplies in a basic emergency kit. Once you feel you have mastered the basic suturing skills, you need to make sure there is a needle and suturing thread in a medical kit before leaving on any type of camping or wilderness survival trip.

Any stores with medical supplies used for suturing techniques will have suturing needles and thread. The best place to look is at a medical supply store that is local. Another option is to look on the Internet.

A video that explains basic suturing techniques is found on thehomesteadsurvival.com here…

Learn Suturing Techniques For Emergencies

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