Keeping Warm Without Heating Guide

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Keeping warm without heating can be a tricky challenge. As colder weather begins to make itself felt in various parts of the world, it’s important to find ways to keep warm without heating. Many of the methods in this helpfulĀ tutorial will walk you through tactics that can keep you toasty while keeping your heating bills from warming up. Many of the methods take a common sense approach by stressing the importance of keeping your core temperature warm (e.g., hot soups, hot beverages, exercise, etc.), wearing more clothing (e.g., layers, slippers, socks, etc.), and adjusting your home to take advantage of natural temperature adjustments (e.g., opening blinds to let warmer air in during the day and doing the opposite in the evening). There are so many great ideas to be found that you’ll definitely find one that can make even the coldest conditions a little more bearable.

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Keeping Warm Without Heating Guide

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