Keep Coyotes Away From Your Homestead

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Keep coyotes away from your homestead with the clever and innovative suggestions offered by this great guide. The guide offers eight smart solutions for dealing with coyotes in a humane and nature-friendly manner. Considering that coyotes are smart, opportunistic, and innovative animals, it is important to understand what attracts them and how to deter them and the guide offers insight into those issues. The solutions vary and include ideas from several different arenas: ranging from landscaping solutions (using fencing) to environmental solutions (eliminate food sources liked by coyotes, remove junk piles from the property) to unorthodox ideas (sound, wolf urine, etc.). Finally, the guide notes that if these humane solutions don’t help, you can always consider calling in professional wildlife catchers who use live traps and will collect and relocate the animals without hurting them.

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Keep Coyotes Away From Your Homestead

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