Jelly Bean Bread Recipe

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Does the sound of jelly bean bread sound interesting? This is a type of bread that has a lot of colors you will add when you are mixing the dough. You can easily make this bread to have as a fun food at Easter or for another special occasion.

The key to making jelly bean bread is braiding the dough, but this is not really necessary, but is a fun thing to do and will have a dramatic result once it has been baked. A lot of rolling is needed as the dough will need to be long and stringy. You will need to do this by hand.

Standard food coloring is needed to make jelly bean bread at home. The most important thing you need to remember is to separate the dough before adding the food coloring. Make sure you wait long enough for the dough to rise before rolling into strings for braiding.

Instructions to make your own jelly bean bread at home are on here…

Jelly Bean Bread Recipe

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