Integrated Pest Management For Home Gardeners

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Do you get upset and a bit angry when you see plants in your garden are being attacked by pests? Your garden is likely to be out in the open and susceptible to the environment. One ideal solution is to use some integrated pest management strategies when developing your garden.

The key to applying integrated pest management is using the environment to your advantage. This will include the use of healthy soil and mulch to keep pests away from your plants. Maintenance of your garden is also important to ensure pests do not become a problem. This includes removing weeds and weak plants.

Integrated pest management is not really difficult to do when you know the best methods to apply. There will be many steps that you can take to keep your garden protected from all types of bugs.  One important thing to do is get a good idea of the types of pests that are attacking your garden.

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Integrated Pest Management For Home Gardeners

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