How To Make A Kitchen Compost Bin For Indoor Composting

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Do you live in an apartment or do not have an area to use for composting? You do not need an outdoor compost pile or a dedicated bin to use for comporting. Believe it or not, you can easily compost inside by making an indoor composting bin.

The process of making an indoor composting bin is really easy. A simple plastic container that you can buy at Walmart is all you need for a container. The key to making a compost bin indoors is to find some red worms to help accelerate the composting process.

Make sure to wait long enough for your indoor composting bin to do its work. Patience is necessary as the process will not happen overnight. However, your patience will be rewarded with nutrient rich soil to use for growing herbs or other plants. Just make sure you do not scoop out any worms once all your compost is ready.

Instructions to make your own indoor composting bin are available on here…

DIY Kitchen Compost Bin For Indoor Composting

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