Glossary Of Essential Chicken Terms

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essential chicken terms

Photo by Pixabay

Are you interested in raising chickens, but might not know a lot of the terms and abbreviations being used by breeders and homesteaders? One way to learn a few essential chicken terms is to research online or spend a lot of time at some local markets. However, an online glossary is more convenient.

You will see there will be a lot of terminology that is being used when describing chickens, the food and the types of chickens to raise for food and eggs. Knowing essential chicken terms will make understanding the process of raising chickens much easier. You will be surprised at the number of terms available and in use today.

One thing to keep in mind about essential chicken terms is when they should be used. You do not want to use some terms around people who are not familiar with raising chickens. The reason is some terms are easy to confuse as they are multi-purpose.

A complete list of essential chicken terms is available on┬áhere…

Glossary Of Essential Chicken Terms

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