DIY Outdoor Cat Enclosure

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Attention cat lover’s! This post is for you!

Here at Homestead & Survival, we are a cat and dog family. Everyone sleeps indoors and everyone gets along; well, at least most of the time. The dogs play outdoors, travel to and around town, while the cats remain home and do their thing.

Our cats are both indoors cats, and they would not know how to survive outdoors. Even if they did, where we live it would not be safe for them. They love sitting in the widows watching the birds, bunnies, squirrels, and other neighborhood cats that occasionally pass by. In fact, they love it so much that we bought a portable cage that we could put them and let them enjoy nature while we are outside with them. They enjoy the view, all the sounds and smells, and find it another great place to nap. They think it’s purr…fect!

As we are expanding and improving upon our yard, we’ve decided to include a better outdoor retreat area for our cats. We are inspired by’s design of their cat enclosure because it can be attached to the house or built separately, giving home owners flexibility. This outdoor cat enclosure is built with black wire storage cubes that allow you to customize the size and shape of the enclosure. You can find these cubes often at stores like Target, and we found for the best price on Amazon.

Check out the link below to get some inspiration of how you can include an outdoor cat enclosure at your home. You can design walkways along your fence that connect with a larger enclosure, or just opt for the enclosure. You can connect an enclosure to a window for your cats to enter and exit, or choose to walk your cats out directly to the enclosure. It’s really up to you and the design and opportunities with your home.

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