Idea! Make An Ice Chest From An Old Refrigerator

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DIY Ice Chest From An Old Refrigerator

This DIY project has been popular on Pinterest. While we’ve searched and searched for the original source, we’ve been unable to find it. (So, if you do, please let us know!) Still, we think this concept is worth sharing with outdoor kitchens and entertaining so popular.


  1. Junker Dic says

    I’m not sure it’s a great idea to run a refrigerator on its side. The compressor – which is the heaviest part of the refrigerator – is vertically mounted with springs which could break if left on its side. As well, most manufacturers recommend refrigerators moved/shipped in up right positions, due to the oil in the compressor. Perhaps a frig repair person could remount the compressor to make this work, but not your average joe.

    • You’re absolutely correct. When converting a refrigerator to a ice chest you would not run it on electricity.

  2. Jessica Edwards says

    I personally love the idea, obviously you would not be running it electrically, but has the admin actually made one? Would you just drill a drain hole and then plug it when in use, or do you have another suggestion? A broken fridge is easy enough to come by from the recycling center for free…Im thinking this would be nice to use at our cabin where we have no electricity anyway.

    • HomesteadSurvival says

      To make this ice chest you will want to use an old refrigerator that no longer runs and repurpose it into an ice chest. You’ll want to remove all of the accessories that make it run, including the evaporator cell and fan, the compressor, the condenser fan, shelves and drawers, and any other unnecessary items that will take up space in what will be the ice chest. After this, you’re ready to take measurements and begin creating your design. We have not made one…YET…but we see the benefit of adding a drain hole for easy clean up.

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