How To Wax Cheese For Long Term Storage

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Have you ever bought cheese from the store or at a market that is covered in wax? Wax is used to keep cheese fresh during long term storage. If you are interested in making your own cheese, then one thing you need to do is learn how to wax cheese.

The process for how to wax cheese is not that difficult. You just need to know the type of equipment to have on hand. Waxing cheese will require the use of some dedicated equipment. This includes a bristle brush and muslin to cover the cheese with cheese wax.

Store bought cheese can also be stored long term wen you know how to wax cheese. One you know all the steps for the process, you will never run out of cheese at home again. The cheese you wax will not spoil and will keep for many years when stored in a cool and dark place.

Instructions for how to wax cheese at home are found on here…

How To Wax Cheese For Long Term Storage

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