How To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Your Backyard

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Are you familiar with using natural methods for pest control in your home? One of the best options that a homeowner has to keep bugs and a variety of pests out of their home is to know how use diatomaceous earth. You may be surprised to know this product is also perfect to use in a garden.

If you see how to use diatomaceous earth to keep pests out of your garden, then you will be impressed by the results. The substance will looks like baby powder or powdered sugar and has a reaction that causes the bugs to die. They are not able to absorb moisture and will simply dry up.

You can easily keep various pests out of your garden when you know how to use diatomaceous earth. Applying the product is similar to sprinkling insect repellent around your home, but is all natural. This will mean the product is not harmful to humans in any way.

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How To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Your Backyard

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