How To Use An All-Purpose Cleanser And Save Money

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Using liquid soap as all all-purpose cleanser can save you a lot of money and time. A savvy frugalist must look for 3 key things: natural ingredients that work for both household and hygiene uses.

All-Purpose Cleanser Used For Household

An all-purpose cleanser allows you to save time by not having to individually select different soaps for your everyday needs.  Additionally, specific use soaps are generally more costly considering the lack of sheer volume in the product. An all-purpose cleanser can be obtain at a lower average cost and works perfectly by balancing key ingredients in order to clean your fruits and vegetables, laundry, dishes, surfaces and countertops. Additionally, these ingredients must be mild enough to allow your all-purpose soap to serve as a hygiene cleanser. Well-rounded ingredients for an all-purpose household cleaner include baking soda (not much), citric acid, dead sea salt, and castor oil (prevents mole).

All-Purpose Cleanser Used For Hygiene

Your all-purpose cleanser should work well with the face and body – it must have natural antimicrobial agents which kills or prevents growth of micro-organisms, pathogens, and bacterial. Examples of such ingredients include pine oil, olive oil, babassu, palm kernel, coconut oil, and several other fatty acids and essential oils.  These natural solutions will ensure your soap cleanses your hair, face, and body without using artificial lathering agents, moisturizers, or preservatives.  Ingredients like coconut oil,  aloe vera and hemp oil  will also nourish skin cells and are easy to add if you are hand-crafting your own liquid soap.

Ingredients to Avoid in your All-Purpose Cleanser

Recently, we have discussed several harmful ingredients in liquid soap, including artificial sulfates, Benzethonium Chloride, and Triclosan. Not only are these chemicals harmful to you and the world in which we live, but they provide no real benefit in soap. For example, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, a chemical known to cause neurotoxicity, is added to commercial soap as a lathering agent. Interestingly, soap cleans with fatty acids, not artificial lather. Benzethonium Chloride, a new anti-bacterial agent, has not been proven to clean better than pure soap, and may cause asthma in children.

Select only natural ingredients that work for both household and hygiene uses – it will save you time, money, and provide your family with a safer all-purpose cleanser.


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