How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font For Free

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Typing a letter or document typically means using standard fonts that are available for the program you are using. There are often many different types of fonts that can be used based on what is available and a person’s particular preference. You may be surprised you can type a letter with your own handwriting by creating a custom font. Turning your handwriting into a font will only take a few minutes.

Why turn you own writing into a font? Provided you have decent penmanship, a personalized font is a great way to add a personal touch to all your DIY gifts and tags, plus all your canned goods and homemade cleaning and beauty products.

The Internet has many sites available to convert your handwriting into a font. However, some might be more cumbersome to use than others. You should look for a site that has a simple process to use for the best results. This process will require you to have a printer and scanner available. 

A template is used as the first step to convert your handwriting into a font. This is something to print out as a hard copy because you need to fill it out by hand. You may want to print multiple copies to use when you are converting handwriting into a font in case you make a mistake.

Filling out the template is not too difficult, but you need to keep the letter inside each box. If you make a mistake, then you need to start over with a new template. You should also have a standard sharpie or use some other type of felt tip marker to fill out the template used to convert handwriting into a font.

Once the template is complete, then it needs to be uploaded. This is the reason you will need to have a scanner available. Uploading the template is similar to the way you will upload a photo on various social media sites. Clicking a button is all that is needed to convert handwriting into a font.

Instructions to convert your handwriting into a font are found on here…

How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font For Free

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