How To Turn A Marshmallow Into A Flower Shaped Cupcake Topper

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Photo by: Wilton

The most common type of cupcake copper is typically a flower or other item made of sugar or icing. A unique way to create a topper that does not have a lot of sugar is to use marshmallows. These are a terrific option as they can easily be shaped and colored to use on a cupcake or a regular cake.

A pair of scissors is the only tool you need to create a cupcake topper from marshmallows. You need to use extra large marshmallows for this project as miniature marshmallows will not work. One detail you will need to remember is to keep your fingers dry as marshmallows will be sticky.

Food coloring that is in a spray form is the best way to add color to a cupcake topper. These items can easily look like a flower that is made from a colored icing. However, the cost will be considerably less. These flower petals are super simple to make and they look beautiful!

DIY Marshmallow Flower Petal Cupcake Topper

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