How To Test Egg Freshness

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Do you wonder whether the eggs you buy at the store are getting too old to eat? Eggs are food that will eventually spoil and need to be thrown out. A great way to tell if an egg needs to be used soon is to use a method to test egg freshness.

The best way to test egg freshness is to float an egg in water. A fresh egg is more dense than an old egg and is better to eat too. You may be surprised to know that eggs that are getting old will start to become less dense and will eventually start to float when placed in a glass of water.

Anyone who raised chickens may want to test test egg freshness in case old ones are mixed with a new batch. This is really important and easy to do whenever you have excess eggs given to family or friends.

Information about the process to test egg freshness is available on here…

How To Test Egg Freshness

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