How To Shorten Jeans But Keep Their Store-Bought Look

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The main reason many people do not like buying clothes is because the fit is not correct. Jeans are the most common type of clothing that do not fit properly for one reason or another. One issue can be that the jeans fit perfectly, but they are just too long. However, a simple process can be used to shorten jeans that are too long and let them retain that factory hem look.

The process to shorten jeans is similar to hemming any other types of clothing. You need to use the proper tools and equipment to complete this task. A sewing machine is required to use this process to shorten jeans that are too long, although few other supplies are needed. 

People who buy jeans from a thrift store often do not have the luxury of getting an exact size. This will not be an issue if you know how to shorten jeans that are way too long. If you find that you have an old pair of jeans that are too long, then knowing how to shorten them properly will be beneficial.

All the supplies that are required for this project can be found at most craft stores. However, you might need to look around to find a suitable sewing machine to use to shorten jeans. A thrift store might be the best place to look or you can see if there is an item available at local garage sales. You will also need pins and a durable thread for this project.

You should also have an iron on hand when you want to shorten jeans. The iron is needed to press out the material to make the hemmed area look natural.

Instructions to shorten jeans that are too long are found on here…

How To Shorten Jeans But Keep Their Store-Bought Look

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