How To Sew A Grow Bag

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Many people who do not have any area for a garden have the option to grow plants in a container. If plastic containers or pots is not an ideal option, then another solution is needed. Grow bags will be a good option instead of other types of containers that are used for growing plants. If you do not want to purchase plastic containers, then a simple grow bag design can be used to make your own at home.

The most important detail to know when looking for a grow bag material is durability and breathability. You do not want to use vinyl or other materials that cannot breathe. The best option is to use a garden fabric as this a great material that provides the necessary aeration and drainage. This can be found in any garden supply store and a home improvement store is also a great place to find material suitable for grow bags.

You will need a few simple tools to complete this project. The most important tool is scissors or a knife to cut the garden fabric to make into a grow bag. Nylon thread is also necessary as this is used to attach the panels for all of your bags. This means you may want a sewing machine.

If you do not have a sewing machine for this project, then a used one is easy to find.  The best place to find used sewing machines is at any thrift stores or garage sales in your area. You can find the thread to sew your grow bag at any fabric store.

A great idea you may want to consider is sewing a grow bags to give as gifts. These are easy to fold up to give to any friend or family members.

Instructions to make a simple grow bag are found on here…

How To Sew A Grow Bag

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