How To Set A Bone Or Treat A Dislocated Joint

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What do you do when you are camping or may be in an emergency situation when someone is injured with no way to get to a doctor? If someone has a broken bone, then it needs to be set and stabilized. You can do this in an emergency if you know how to set a bone.

The most important thing to know when you want to learn how to set a bone is you are putting it into a straight position. Traction will be important for this process and means you need to know what you can use for this task. This can be done by hand or setting up a rig with rope.

When you know how to set a bone, then you can assist with a broken leg or a dislocated shoulder. Many times a simple splint will be required once a hone has been set. This will keep the limb stabilized.

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How To Set A Bone Or Treat A Dislocated Joint

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