How To Reuse Silica Gel Packets

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Reuse Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel Packets are included in so many products purchased these days, and often they are just tossed in the trash. We found this great article from Mother Nature Network that’s filled with several great ways you can re-purpose these packets. For example:

Squirrel some away in your car, especially on your dashboard. This will help maintain a clear windshield and leave it less foggy during times of high humidity.

Stash some in window sills to banish condensation.

Dry out electronic items such as cell phones and iPods. Remember after the device has gotten wet, do not turn it back on! Pull out the battery and memory card and put the device in a container filled with several packs. Leave it in there at least overnight.

Slow silver tarnishing by using the gel in jewelry boxes and with your silverware.

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