How To Remove Bees From A Wall

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Do you have an area or your home or an outbuilding where a lot of bees seem to be flying around? Bee hives are usually found inside walls and in other concealed areas of a home or other building. This is the reason you may want to know how to remove bees from a wall.

You do not want to kill the bees, as there are other options available. If you simply remove a hive from a wall, then the colony may lose the queen and need to create a new one. There are a few ways for you to remove bees from a wall, but specific steps will need to be followed.

A full bee suit will be needed to remove bees from a wall. Be prepared to remove sections of the floor or the wall where the hive is located. This will include drywall to siding or other material.

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How To Remove Bees From A Wall

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