How To Refill K-Cups Guide

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Do you have a Keurig coffee maker, but find the cost of the k-cups to be a bit pricey? There are a lot of similar products on the market, but a homemade solution may be better. If you find that there is another brand of coffee you prefer, then knowing how to refill k-cups will save you money.

The best thing about knowing how to re-fill k-cups is, you can use an existing Keuring coffee maker. A few simple modifications are all that is needed to reuse an old k-cup to make a cup of coffee. You need to remove the top of the k-cup first and then your options are limitless.

Used k-cups will have grounds that you need to throw in the trash. If you learn how to refill k-cups, then you can easily use another brand of coffee or tea. The sky’s the limit when you know how to refill k-cups at home. We love that with this method you can even enjoy your own favorite brand or blend of organic coffee.

You can find the instructions for how to refill k-cups at home on here…

How To Refill K-Cups Guide

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