How To Raise Muscovy Ducks

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People who have a large amount of property have the option to start a small farm or look into the ways to engage in homesteading. One option that is available is to grow plants to use as a source of food. Another option is to raise certain types of animals. If you want to raise animals that may not be a common variety, then Muscovy ducks are an option to consider.

There are many reasons to raise Muscovy ducks on your property. This type of duck is not too loud, can care for their own baby ducks, and are able to free range. You may find you will be very happy with an assortment of Muscovy ducks as farm animals on your homestead. However, there are various aspects a homeowner will need to consider.

Raising Muscovy ducks is similar to raising free range chickens on your property. One main difference is a nest will be needed instead of a coop. You can build a nest for your ducks from wood and a variety of other material you have available. An old wire spool used by construction companies can be used as a nest with a little DIY ingenuity, such as with this duck house.

You should also have a pond on your property for all your Muscovy ducks to use. If your property cannot sustain a large pond, then consider this small pond made from a kiddie pool or this duck deck with pool. You can find many ideas online if you want to create your own pond.

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How To Raise Muscovy Ducks

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