How To Quickly Remove Deodorant From Shirts

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Have you ever been about to walk out the door when you look down and see that you have a fresh deodorant stain on your shirt?  What do you do?  Change shirts? Attempt washing it with a bit of soap and water?  Been there so many times it’s not even funny.

Guess what? We found the solution to deodorant stains. In fact, we found three excellent options to remove those unwanted, and often embarrassing, deodorant marks.

Here’s what you do:

1. Run the stain using the underside of your shirt
2. Rub the stain using foam rubber (this is the foam often found on wire hangers from the dry cleaners)
3. Rub the stain using pantyhose or knee-high stockings

Whatever option you choose, rub the stain until the deodorant disappears. Watch Farnoosh Torabi demonstrate in this video.

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