How To Purify Water In An Emergency With A LifeStraw

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If you aren’t an avid outdoors person, you’ve probably never heard of this water filter, although it’s been around for several years.  In fact, the LifeStraw received the “Best Invention of 2005” from Time Magazine.

It’s not for everyday water purification, but in an emergency, I wouldn’t want to be without one.  It’s used, just as the name implies, like a straw.  You stick the bigger end into the stream or pond or (ugh) stagnant water that’s available and suck the water through the top with your mouth.  These are good for about a year from “first use” and are reasonably priced.  They were designed to sell for around two-three bucks, but like all good things that become popular, the price went up like crazy.  Expect to pay about $25 for one, or you’re probably getting a lower quality knock-off.

Here’s a review of the product.

Watch several of the demonstrations on YouTube.  Some of them will gross you out, but they do prove the worth of the product.

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