How To Purify Contaminated Water

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Most people are typically not concerned about their drinking water as there is a constant supply from a well or supplied by the city. However, there may be a time when water will be contaminated. Just look at the city of Flint, MI. This means you should have a way to purify contaminated water.

One of the best ways to purify contaminated water is to use a filter. You can easily buy water filters for your home or make your own for emergency survival. A better option will be to collect fresh water which is completely safe to drink. The task will be easier than you may think.

Collecting water that is safe to drink is not hard to do. Simply let nature purify contaminated water and just collect it when the weather turns to rain. There are many ways to collect rainwater. The best option is to set up a rain barrel that will be attachedĀ to a downspout.

Information for how to purify contaminated water is available on here…

How To Purify Contaminated Water

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