How To Propagate Rosemary Plant From Stem Cuttings

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Starting a new batch of plants is easy to do and does not require planting seeds. If you have a basic garden or container for herbs, then propagating new plants might be necessary. This is an easy task that is done by using shoots from existing plants. You can easily propagate rosemary and other herbs at home in this manner.

Healthy stems or shoots are needed when you want to propagate rosemary. If you use older stems, then they may simply die and not produce a new plant. If you are familiar with the way the clippings from a house plant can grow into new plants, then growing new rosemary is similar.

The main thing to remember to propagate rosemary is getting new roots to develop. If you do not see a stem develop new roots after a month to five weeks, then try again using another stem. Once roots have developed on the plant, then it can be planted.

Instructions to propagate rosemary at home are found on here…

How To Propagate Rosemary Plant From Stem Cuttings

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