How To Preserve Lemons

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Fresh lemons that are grown or purchased can be used in many ways. Lemons are the main component used when making lemonade and for adding flavor to plain water. If you have a supply of lemons, then preserving them can be done in many ways. Fermenting is one way to preserve lemons at home.

If you are familiar with canning fruits or vegetables, then you should not have any problems when you want to preserve lemons. All you need is the proper supplies to complete this task. The lemons will need to be cut to fit inside a mason jar or a canning jar with a lid.

A brine will need to be added to a jar of lemons so fermentation can occur. The time to preserve lemons will be between two and four weeks, once all the jars have been prepared. Once the lemons are ready, then they just need to be placed in your refrigerator.

Instructions to preserve lemons at home are found on here…

How To Preserve Lemons

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