How To Preserve Leafy Greens

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One of the most important components of a salad is leafy greens. This includes lettuce, spinach, and an assortment of other plants. However, these plants often produce more than many people will use before spoilage becomes an issue. This is the reason, knowing how to preserve leafy greens is important.

The options you use to preserve leafy greens will depend on various factors. This will include the work that is required, the space you have available, and any extra equipment that is needed. One option for a bumper crop is to prepare and freeze certain types of plants.

You may be surprised to know you can preserve leafy greens by canning. This includes preparing salad selections in a can to take to work or to have as a snack. The goal is to find a storage solution for plants to avoid throwing them in the garbage or into a compost pile.

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How To Preserve Leafy Greens

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